Friday, August 11, 2006

Wake me up when something happens

My enthusiasm for the liberal leadership racce is waning. Okay, its partially because I'm leaving the country and will not be participating for a while but its partly because nothing is happening. The two biggest stories in the last few weeks was the fact that major candidates went awol (namely Iggy and Kennedy.)

Neither of these stories are particularly interesting. Iggy, thinking the race is in the bag, makes a quick trip to Hungary before being tied down at Stornaway. Kennedy's car broke down. Period. His French will improve. He's lightyears ahead of Dryden already.

Furthermore, in the course of my duties with the Kennedy campaign I have learned that outside the blogosphere and the campaign office very few Liberals give a rats ass about the leadership race. Okay, to be fair they might care in september... but not until september. Many grits are painfully unaware that they a) are Liberals, b) that there's a leadership race on or c)who the candidates are aside from the fact that there are a lot of them. This means that the race is even more wide open than perhaps people are aware. So, as the ground war rages, the party sleeps... I think I'll join them.

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